Thursday, 10 July 2008

Favourite Things Thursday

Here I am, late, with my entry for this week's
Favourite Things

I love flowers.
I love their colours and I love their smells.

I've put together a few pictures of flowers in my garden.

the first to appear in spring.

Closely followed by miniature daffodils.

A foxglove.

Red mimulus and white alyssum.

A deep pink pot rose,
bought last year in Tesco, reduced in price because it had been on the shelf too long. I planted it outside, and it's rewarded me with a magnificent display this summer.

Those are just a few of my favourite flowers.

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CherryPie said...

You have some lovely flowers in your garden, that rose is a beautiful colour :-)

Blue said...

Hey, no need to apologise re being late, we do things in our own time.
I'm just delighted to share your lovely flowers - fav. things of mine too.


B. Roan said...

Love the flowers, especially the Foxglove, which I've heard of, but never actually seen. BJ

barbara said...

Yes; what we do on earth without pretty & colorful flowers !

Lovely shots! Hurray for giving a second chance to the rose bush. It has rewarded your care with ome beautiful blooms :)

Nessa said...

Beautiful flowers. No wonder they're your faves.

starnitesky said...

Beautiful flowers no wonder they are your favourites.

Dr.John said...

You have beautiful flowers and you take just wonderful flower pictures.

Anonymous said...

You give me a new perspective on our garden. Lovely result for your work - and Stephen's.