Thursday, 3 July 2008

Favourite Things Thursday

This is my first entry in Blue's new meme

Favourite Things Thursday.

Here are her rules.

The subject can be anything - person, animal, inanimate object! It can just be photo's, or written words or preferably both, explaining your chosen Favourite. All I ask, is you leave me a comment to say you're participating!!!

So I thought I'd start with


Yes, I'm sure that surprised you all!

I love dragons. I love dragon books, dragon films, dragon pictures, and dragon ornaments of all kinds.
To my mind, all dragons should have wings.

Here are two photos of my dragon nursery.

A dragon carved out of clear quartz crystal.

A fearsome red dragon made of glass.

My new fridge magnet that started life as a bumper sticker. This dragon appears not to have wings, but I'm assuming they're furled neatly away.
It works beautifully for me when people get on my nerves!

And I feel a bit like this.

Or this

And, just to round things off, this is my latest beauty, waiting to be hung in the perfect place.

That's my first Favourite Things post.
Go and visit Blue to read about hers, and anyone else who's joined in.


Blue said...

What a lovely collection, even though I imagine it's only a teeny weeny selection of your wonderful world of dragons.
A perfect Favourite post.
Am really pleased you decided to play along.


Jonna said...

You have some very interesting pieces. I used to work in a shop that sold some similar to the photo with the dragons emerging from the egg.

And, I actually thought of doing a coloring book for dragons at one time. Of course, I had it geared toward children and the drawings I had started were young dragons w/ very small wings and teeth. LOL

B. Roan said...

Other than Puff the Magic, Dragon Tales, and Dragon from Shrek, I'm not too familiar with the mighty fire breathing ceatures, but your collection is awesome!

jientje said...

That's a lovely collection, you must own hundreds of them, every time you show us others! I think I might give that new meme a try too next thursday, I like it a lot!

CherryPie said...

I love your collection of dragons, you have really interesting ones :-)

Rosebud said...

You do have a lovely collection. I'm curious, what started your "obsession"? History, please:-)

Nydia said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Your collection is absolutely "wow"! LOL Loved everything, but this last item is something... look at that beautiful crescent moon, and the colors of the dragon! Great start, Miss Dragon, I could never imagine you would launch your participation with this subject... hehehe
I'm so sorry I coldn't join it yesterday... snif... out of time. But the draft is saved and next week I'll join the fun!
Kisses from Nydia.

Damama T said...

If I was going to do this I'd need a picture of you because YOU are one of MY favorite things. ;o) xoxoxo