Sunday, 9 November 2008

More Togetherness

The weather today has been terrible. Admittedly we've had lovely spells of sunshine, but the wind has been vicious and we've had a lot of thunder, lightning, hailstones and rain.

The rather fuzzy nature of the above photo is due to the fact that
(a) it's taken through my kitchen window, and
(b) it's absolutely - er - pouring with rain!
Two little sparrows are using the tap under our oil tank to shelter from the aforementioned rain.


Poopsie Blue said...

Argh - bless them.
I love sparrows!
Here they are now few & far between, yet once I couldn't find enough food to feed the hoards that descended on my windersill.

Anonymous said...

That's Spadgers for you, 'tank-wise',

Poopsie Blue said...

PS - so envious of your maternal skills - 4 dragons fully grown!
Just done my duty re your new eggs.
I was never born to be a mother - this dragon experience is just confirming it -LOL!

Jane said...

Ah sweet, bless 'em! Jane

Kate said...

Nice of you to provide that oil tank for the little sparrows to shelter from the rain. :)


Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Gosh, the weather sounds awful. A little warmer today here and the snow melts fast but alas, the forecast calls for more snow... I'm glad the sparrows have found a little shelter.

B. Roan said...

How cute!

Nydia said...

They do look a bit upset of not being able to go flying around more freely! I like their expressions!


Siani said...

We had similar weather at the weekend. I took Alfie to Cwmdonkin Park, and the hail came down. We hid under a tree, and to my horror, a thunder storm broke out. What a dilemma - the tree gave shelter from the hail, but was the worst place to be during the storm.

I love little sparrows - I call them flying spuds - to me, they look like potatoes with wings.