Friday, 1 February 2008

Poor Birds

We've had a lot of wind recently, and this is what happened to the bird-table.

It lay like that for two days until we were able to pick it up this morning. I tried to take a photograph of the various birds perching on the upraised feet, and collecting around the fallen fat-ball feeder.
But the windows were covered with the salty and muddy marks left by the hailstones. - and for some reason (!) the birds didn't stay around when I opened the door.

They obviously appreciated having their restaurant restored to them though. Shortly after everything was re-instated I saw not one but two robins doing synchronised pecking under the roof. If two robins are that close together, without trying to kill eachother, they must be a pair. Wonderful!

Spring must be arriving.


admin said...

It's great watching the birds when they are able to feed. Sara from farmingfriends

imac said...

Oh dear, you will have to go out and buy some new ones,
like the pics tho.

urbanextension said...

Your poor birds! and poor you having to endure that awful weather. I understand now why you want to be in the Florida Keys. I'm glad you got your feeder fixed! Take care. Jane

Damama T said...

For some reason the pictures took forever to load and all I could see for a time was "It lay like that for two days until we were able to pick it up..." I THOUGHT IT WAS A WOUNDED OR DEAD BIRD! How relieved I was when the rest of it loaded and I found it to be only the feed table! PHEW! How sweet of you to keep their Birdy Bistro open year round. And congratulations on the robins! Hopefully you'll get babies soon!


jams o donnell said...

Sadly we just don't get birds in the garden.. Three cats on partol may deter them (Mercifully Mimi couldn't catch a cold, let alone a bird) THey love the iv in autumn when it's covered in betties though.

Nessa said...

It's been very windy lately, but birds bounce back quickly.

seev said...

Wow, that bird table was for the birds! Wha?... But now that you've uprighted it, it'll really be for the birds. At least you don't have black bears to take down your bird feeders. We occasionally will have one traipse through the neighborhood and pull down all the bird feeders.... Nice about those robins. No such luck here.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Glad it had a happy ending!