Monday, 11 February 2008

Odd Shots On Monday

Yippee! I'm in at the start of something that could become Famous! I'm sure that all of you have odd shots - funny things, things taken from odd angles, unusual happenings, shots that just don't fit into recognised categories. This is where you can showcase them.

Right, this is mine for this week. We're only allowed one photo, which was hard for me - I probably use too many words, as well as too many pictures - but my offering is below.

I took this at our local harbour. A trawler was in dry-dock, and I walked quite close. I don't know exactly what this is (could be something for casting the nets over the stern) but I liked the shapes. I took two others from different angles - but I'm only allowed ONE!

So there it is, my first entry in the first ever Odd Shots On Monday meme.

Feel like joining in? All the details are on Katney's Kaboodle, together with the neat logo. Have fun!


Katney said...

There are lots of odd shapes on boats, aren't there. We went on a cruise last summer and I have a whole folder of strange shapes on the cruise ship.

JC said...

That's an interesting one for sure. It does look like some sort of winch. Good eye!

Paulie said...

That is a great one! I like different shapes also as you will find out in the coming weeks. (Hmmmm and Katney said she didn't know what to post after posting all her unique ones last week. . .in one post! I suspect we will be seeing more ship parts soon. lol

Welcome and I hope you will join us each week.

david mcmahon said...

I'll definitely have something for the Odd Shots competition next week ....

And congratulations on the Cool Cat award, too!

Damama T said...

That was not at all what I was thinking that would be. It will be fun to try and guess what your photo is each week before I actually read the description. Happy clicking!