Thursday, 21 February 2008

Beating The Blues!

Yesterday's weather was not good. Windy but mostly dry early on, but then the rain and gloom set in. Today is still windy, and mostly wet. I'm in serious need of cheering up.
With that in mind I thought I'd post some cheerful pictures, just to remind myself. I took these photos a few days ago . These are crocuses in my garden (before the wind and thrashing rain flattened them. I know they'll recover, but they're looking rather sad at the moment.)
This second photo is a bit fuzzy, but the colours are bright and sunny.

At least there's always the hebe. An evergreen shrub, this always has a few flowers whatever the weather or time of year, and these flowers have a sweet but almost sharp scent. I love it.

So that's me - a bit happier now I'm looking at these pictures. I hope you all feel good this morning (or whatever time of day it is with you!)

Happy Thursday!


Jane said...

Thanks Dragonstar. Flowers always cheer me up, especially the bright ones and smelly ones! Thanks for that. Jane

Daisy said...

Those purple crocus are beautiful!

Larry said...

Here in Vancouver, we've some snow drops and a few crocuses coming up but it'll be another two or three weeks before we have ones the size of yours. Spring's my favourite time of year though -- especially after the cold, dark rainy winter.

lovesmukiwa said...

Hope you are feeling "brighter". Somedays the overcast rainy days are comforting and other days they just get me down also. Thanks for the photos to remind us all spring is not far off!