Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Two Years Ago.

Today we've had more wind. Badger looks sleek and slim with the wind blowing into her face, but it's a different story on the way home with the wind blowing from her rear. She tends to run a bit sideways, and she looks like a hairy haystack. I put off her walk as long as I could, and we managed to get out and back between squalls.

Two years ago now we had an unusual (for us) amount of snow, and I enjoyed myself photographing everything I could. This is one of my favourite shots.

Here in Ireland we use a lot of peat as fuel - this is known as Turf. The turf in the above picture had become very wet, so I left it out in the air to dry. You can see the result.

Maybe I shouldn't complain about today's weather after all.


Sandy C. said...

So much for getting it to dry! What a lovely pic of the snow dusted ground :)

jientje said...

I love that spring is coming too!
As far as I can see, you have very mild winters upthere too huh?
I'm in love with ireland, I would love to come back and visit again, but I hate rain, we get enough of that as it is in Belgium too!

Aleckii said...

Hey, you've got a cool blog here going, mind exchanging links? I'd love to visit back one of these days.

If you love Dragon, you should visit Krakow, Poland. Amazing city with an amazing dragon legend.

Your post remind me a little of Russia... Icy, snowy grounds...

Haze said...

How I wish we will have a snow here in Southeast England, lol.

Another wonderful shot!

jams o donnell said...

For the first time I can remember we've had no snow at all during a winter. Then again the lasdst two years have only seen flurries.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

My sister lives in Kerry, She has a peat fireplace, very nice on a cool night

Damama T said...

I was so glad you explained that shot because at first glance I thought it might have been some poor half-frozen critter you found in the show! LOL! Great picture once I was sure what it was! ;O)