Sunday, 17 February 2008

A Perfect Day.

Today's weather is lovely; cold but bright and sunny, a real change from yesterday's dullness. While walking old Badger (who failed to find her favourite puddle as the weather's dry) I found the tips of some moss decorated with frost.
This patch of mossy grass was still in shadow, so although it would have been perfect to see the sun on the frost (before it melted!) I couldn't wait long enough. If you click on the picture it gets much bigger, and you can see the patterns more easily.
I also saw new leaves just opening on the wild rose in the hedge. Spring is coming closer!

And, several hours later, this is the last of the sunset. It's been a perfect day!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

starnitesky said...

It was a lovely day today, I like it when it is cold and bright, its good to know Spring is coming.

Dragonstar said...

Thank you BB. It probably seems mad to you that I get enthusiastic over a bit of frost!

Starnitesky, cold and bright is beautiful - as long as it's not too cold, of course!