Sunday, 7 September 2008

A New Award.

Nearly two weeks ago my lovely Brazillian friend Nydia passed this award on to me. She says I'm a Kick Ass Blogger! I'm really flattered by this, in spite of the fact I've taken nearly two weeks to acknowledge it!

According to the Rules for this award, first produced by Mamma Dawg, I must choose five people and pass it on. Now this is the part I find so hard - just five people out of all those whose blogs are on my must-read list. It's taken a lot of thought, but here are the five:

Babooshka - Ramsey Daily Photo
Daryl - Out & About in New York City
Denise - Mrs Nesbitt's Place
Jientje - Heaven in Belgium
Liz - Finding Life Hard?

All these people cheer me up, teach me, and show me beautiful things. You kick ass ladies!


mrsnesbitt said...

Thank you so so much!


Jientje said...

Oh wow!!!
Me a kick ass lady?
So happy you say that !!
I never thought of myself that way, but now that you mention it, hehehehe!
Thank you ever so much!!

Daryl said...

What a perfect award for you. Dragonstar .. you certainly do kick ass .. and that you think I do too .. well I am beyond flattered to be in such excellent blog company.

Thank you muchly, I will be thanking you in public shortly..


Liz said...

Thank you, dragonstar! That has cheered me up especially as I am proper poorly today .... ah, bless.

babooshka said...

Lol! I think of all the awards this one suits me best. I am honoured to be a kick ass, and be amongst such other fine kick ass ladies. Thank you. I may have to turn this into a badge. Well done for kicking ass too.

Nydia said...

You're sweet, Miss Dragon, and definitely kick asses here in the blogosphere! I was going to give this award to Aileni too, but I know he doesn't like getting awards an stuff, so... but he was in my thoughts! :)
I', glad you liked it!

Kisses from us here.