Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Dragon Tattoo.

Becky has posted a photo of a dragon tattoo specially for me.

Isn't that an incredible design? I'd love to see it finished.

Thank you so much Becky!


CherryPie said...


Dr.John said...

Thank Becky for me as well. I love dragons.

Blue said...

That is some dragon & more striking because in monochrome.
But cowardly cringes @ the pain of having it tatood'd though!

Louis la Vache said...

...but WHY would anyone want to do this to their body? "Louis" just doesn't understand this!

becky voyles said...

Wow! Dragonstar, I guess you really did like this tatoo since you posted it on your blog. That is fine with me. I think it is neat and it made me feel good as well. I was hoping you'd like it & felt certain you would. Glad Dr. John liked it too, but I am with Blue on this. I couldn't stand the pain of getting a tatoo.

Christine H said...

I wonder how she will feel about it when she is much older. Is the NHS going to be inundated with people wanting tatoos removed. If I sound like an old grump I guess must be.