Sunday, 27 January 2008


I've had a delightful surprise.

Yesterday I posted that my old-fashioned sewing machine was around 80 years old.

Today Katney came visiting and told me I could find the date of manufacture on the Web. So I looked.

I found that my machine was manufactured in 1903. It will be 105 years old this year. What's more, it was made in Elizabeth, New Jersey!
My mum was born in 1906, three years after the machine was made, and she never left Britain. She might have bought this second-hand, or possibly she inherited it from her mother. But it's American made. Wow!

Thank you Katney!


Katney said...

I'm glad to have been able to pass that information along. I have two treadle machines, but have never seen a hand-crank. I should keep an eye out for one.

imac said...

Nice to have a follow up on your Singer S/M.

Heres another follow up for you - The place with the Lions and Statues were The Queens Hotel in Chester UK, we went to a family wedding there.

See my Flower Power POst

barbara said...

This was a very intereting story !
I love antiques and any type of objects from the past ( it goes well with my interet in genealogy).

It's wonderful what blogger solidarity can do ! That was great news for you.
That machine is a keeper ;)

Rhodri Noyle said...

I'm glad you found that out! It's alot older than you thought!

Anonymous said...

Wow, is that in cat years?

Nessa said...

That's so neat.

Damama T said...

I LOVE old stuff. Now you've reminded me about the sewing machine I got from my mother. Maybe I'll work it up and post it sometime.

And I think it's so neat that you still use it! I'm just believin' that you are too cool for words!


Liz said...

You know a brain is a wonderful thing; I wish I had one. I came here and for some reason thought I was on Leslie's site. So I wondered how she could be Canadian if her mother had never left Britain.

But isn't blogging rewarding? I've written lots of times about how educational it is. I learn all sorts of things through blogging.

mm said...

I love your sewing machine. Isn't the internet wonderful for this kind of discovery?

Thanks for your kind welcome.