Saturday, 26 January 2008

Saturday PhotoHunt - Old Fashioned

This week's Saturday PhotoHunt theme is "Old Fashioned". I suppose I could have posted a self-portrait, but why should I make you all suffer like that? So I decided to show you my old hand-operated Singer sewing machine.

This is something in the nature of an heirloom, as it belonged to my mother. Many years ago now I had it overhauled and put in the new case it now wears. It used to live in a dark wood base with a curved wooden cover, but this had split over the years and needed replacing. The man who did the work was very interested in my machine. He said the model number indicated that it was an imported model. I'd love to know more!

This is the mechanism for winding the old-fashioned long bobbins.

And these are three spare bobbins, together with spare needles in two sizes. The needles are kept in the elongated acorn-shaped wooden container.

This is the only sewing machine I have used since our move in 1990. It's probably 80 or more years old now, and it still works well.

If you want to join the fun, click here. Happy Hunting!


~Yen~ said...

That is beautiful photos! My granny has one and I think the name of the brand is Singer! Nice take on this weeks theme:)

2crazydogs said...

Wow, that is really one old sewing machine. I have a picture of my mom's sewing machine but not as old as yours. Nice take on the theme.

napaboaniya said...

My mother in law still has this in her bedroom :P I can never figure out how to use it. To her it's an exercise machine for her legs too :P
Its Not a Weekend;It's a Lifestyle

Hootin' Anni said...

I learned to sew on one like this!!!

Mine is posted, I hope you can drop by. I love visitors. Happy weekend.

Karen said...

Oh definitely an heirloom! It looks like it's in great shape!

Write From Karen

Utah Mommy said...

Oh my grandma still have this kind of sewing machine and until now she still using it. great one! Happy weekend! mine is up too please check it out! Thank you!

Randi said...

This is really a beautiful machine!
Nice take on the theme!

imac said...

Ah the ol singer eh, thats a good Photo Hunt Post.
we got one in the attic.

Daisy said...

That old sewing machine is almost like a work of art!

Anonymous said...

Indeed it's old-fashioned to use a hand-operated sewing machine but at least you weren't dependent on solar power to make it work :)
We found one in the house in France. It completely floored me when trying to discuss it with a French dealer. Insteasd of pronouncing it singer, as in someone who sings, he called it a sahn-jhay, leaving me wondering where the name orignates.

Liz said...

I used to have my great-aunt's machine and it was just like that. (In fact it was the same great-aunt as is in the school photo on my site.) But I'm afraid I hate sewing with a passion!

And you're not old-fashioned! You have a blog: how can anyone who has a blog be called old-fashioned?!

Dragonstar said...

~yen~, thank you. Many people had Singer machines at one time.

2crazydogs, your name sounds like me at one time! I haven't been able to find your post I'm afraid.

napaboaniya, I always wanted a treadle machine like your MiL.

hootin'anni, you must be a quality sewer then!

Karen, yes, it is. A drop of oil now and then and it's fine.

utah mommy, not so old-fashined then!

randi, thank you.

imac, they're heavy to carry to the attic.

daisy, I agree, I think it's almost as beautiful as you.

a., that's fascinating. I suppose it would be pronounced like that in French.

Liz, you say the nicest things.

Thank you all for visiting.

Teena said...

Gord has a sewing machine like that too ... it was his grandmother's. It doesn't work, though.

Thanks for stopping by mine!

Siani said...

Nice pic! I remember using a machine like this during needlework in school, before being allowed to use an electric one. Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!

Tokenhippygirl said...

That's one beautiful looking sewing machine. How very cool that you've taken such great care of it. Happy hunting!

jams o donnell said...

It's good to see such a fine machine still going strong after so long. Happy weekend!

Blur Mommy said...

That's a nice sewing machine. I remember my mom had one something like this. Thanks for dropping by my PH.
BlurMommy@Just My Rambling

Theodwyn said...

Very Pretty! Thanks for visiting my blog!

JO said...

is it still working???

jmb said...

Well I know that it is an interesting machine and I did learn to sew on a machine just like it but frankly I prefer my computerized one now.
Thanks for visiting and have a great Sunday.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

That is a beautiful old sewing machine! Just lovely. :)

Dragonstar said...

Teena, Gord's machine could probably be fixed - they go on for ever!

Siani, electric is much easier.

Tam, I had to take care of it - without electricity it was all I had on the island.

Jams, thank you.

BM, these old machines worked well for a long time.

Theodwyn, thank you too.

Jo, yes, it still works well.

Jmb, I'm sure computerization makes everything very much easier.

D&M, thank you both.

Anonymous said...

Mom says she remembers having a sewing machine just like yours. We think the bobbins look like a good toy.

mica said...

Hi!Thanks for the visit.By the way, the sewing machine reminded me of my late grandmother.

Katney said...

You can learn exactly where and when your machine was made by looking up the serial number at the Singer website. I have two treadle machines. I named one Jenny Lind and the other Enrico Caruso--because they are "old Singers".

I know--GROAN!

Enrico (1914) works well, though I need practice to get my feet going right to use him. Jenny (1923, Elizabethtown NJ) was electrified, and, although I have tracked down some of the parts that were removed, I do not have everything to restore her.

I have not seen a hand-crank machine like yours, although I know my daughter-in-law used one growing up in Siberia.

Dragonstar said...

Gandalf and Grayson, thank you for visiting, but please stay away from my bobbins! My Tris and Rinli aren't allowed near my bobbins!

Mica, this is an old machine, and I'm old enough to be a grandmother!

Katney, oh thank you! I've looked at a website and found out about my machine. THANK YOU!!!

Larawannabe said...

woahhh... that's very old fashion. i think my granny has one as well. and yes, it still works XD

thanks for visiting my blog. have a great week ahead :)

anasalwa said...

Your old sewing machine reminds me of grandmother's Singer sewing machine. She had two actually. The second had sort of paddle. You hold the paddle with right hand and sew with the other hand. I'm not sure if the machince is still exist back in mother's house in Malaysia.
Imagine, your machine was made 105 years ago and it is still working:))

sandierpastures said...

Beautiful old fashioned machine. I saw one in my grandparent's house.

Sandier Pastures

Bunny Trails said...

That is beautiful! I have an old treadle machine that belonged to my great aunt. I don't often use it, though. The machine I sew on is a Singer that my grandfather bought for my grandmother (via lay-away), brand new in 1960. I even have his copy of the "Conditional Sales Contract." It was hardly used, as my grandmother only mended things. She was never much into sewing. I acquired that skill from her daughter - my mother.

The total price? With tax, it was $285.48! Whew - that was a lot 48 years ago.

Thanks for dropping by. :D

Maddi said...

That is so awesome. My mother has one of those in her den area. Thanks for dropping by my ph!

Ter said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting! Hope you'll visit again!

That definately is an Old Fashioned sewing machine! Thanks for sharing!

Neva said...

I remember seeing my grandmother with a sewing machine like this....very nice blog!

Yvy's said...

my mum has a machine like that too and it's working fine! she sews all our clothes including my wedding dress. :)

admin said...

What a beautiful sewing machine. What have you made with it?
Sara from farmingfriends

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. I am getting my Baba's Singer sewing machine, and it has the bobbin thing with it also. That part is rare apparently.