Friday, 11 January 2008


Yesterday was busy. Stephen had to take his new scooter for its 500km service, a ride of 34 miles (can't think in kilometers yet!) The scooter is only 125cc, but fortunately it's a quite powerful machine for its size.
Stephen was very worried beforehand (I wasn't, of course - LOL!) as he finds anticipation of any kind almost unbearable. I'm so proud of the way he coped. He set off early while I walked the dog, and we followed on in the car.

I should maybe explain that those 34 miles run through hilly country, and it is winter. He coped with rain (nothing unusual there!) and nasty hail showers. One such shower hit him on a hilltop and left him driving slowly over icy marbles. Once through it he looked back in his mirror and saw the road behind hidden by a white wall of hail.
When he arrived at the shop, he found that the workshop was across the town. He had to follow the mechanic through busy streets and around three fairly large roundabouts. Not an easy trip for him, but he did really well.
I'm so proud of him.

While on the subject of Stephen, let me show you what he gave me for Christmas.

You know I love ear-rings, and these are quite something!

Here's a photo (not the best ever - who is that old woman?) of me wearing the 'gunmetal' pair. He also gave me the necklace.
Nice presents!


Liz said...

He has good taste!

Nasty driving a scooter through hail though.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well done, Stephen and I think that's a lovely pic of you, Dragonstar. Great earrings!

barbara said...

That was an achievement !It is not easy driving all those km through rain and hail !
Rain is of course the first enemy of all 2 wheeled vehicules.
My husband bought a scooter last year, and it has come in so handy.
Nice seeing you in photo and with new earings to boot !
Have a nice day.

Dragonstar said...

Yes, I love my earrings - I have smallish ones for windy days, but I go right 'over the top' at times!

I agree, Stephen did well. If he can learn his riding in this kind of weather, he'll have no trouble in the future.