Saturday, 19 January 2008

Saturday PhotoHunt - Important

Sorry this post is so late. I forgot all about it last night, and I've been busy this morning. Still, better late than never as they say, so here it is.

This weeks theme for the PhotoHunt is Important. The most important thing in the world to me is my family. These photos were taken back in 1995, and I have to admit that they were not taken by me.

This first one was taken by Tony Weaver for an article published in the "Sunday Express" on 9th July 1995. The article, written by Amanda Doherty, was a look at the way residents lived without piped water, electricity, or a ferry. This particular photo was never actually published.

Amanda was fascinated by the way we lived, and she came back to write about us for "Best" magazine. The above photo was taken by Trevor McBride to accompany that article.
Now I just want to remind you all that I have two daughters and three sons - and leave you to guess which are which!

If you fancy joining the PhotoHunt fun, just click here, or on the blue PhotoHunters image at the top of this post. Happy hunting.


Linda said...

Oh I so is everything!! Wonderful photos!! Your family looks delightful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jane said...

Yep, family is THE most important thing. You have a big family... how do you keep sane? You all look so happy. Thanks for posting this. Jane

Dragonstar said...

Hi Linda. You have an interesting blog. We home-schooled ourselves from the time our eldest was 7. 24-hour-a-day work with no time off for good behaviour, but I'd do it again.

Hi Jane. 2 girls + 3 boys, no facilities at all. Sane? You must be mad!

Siani said...

Lovely family pics - you all look so happy. BTW, did you remember to leave a comment on TNChick's site to say your post is up? I didn't see you over there - but I could have just missed you. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, and none of the hateful rain we have here at the moment.

CRIZ LAI said...

I was at Stephen's blog not long ago. This is sure a great family. :)

Mine are up…
Criz’s Sanctuary:
Insight Criz:
Have a nice weekend!

barbara said...

Hi Mereid,
I like family photos, and yours looks very friendly :)
It looks like you had some celebrity in your family life !

Thanks for sharing and see you soon.

Dragonstar said...

WirelessBliss posted this at 3.36am my time. I moderate comments for safety (and it tells me when a comment has been made, so I can deal with it easily!) My trouble is that I can make stupid mistakes in the morning. I clicked the wrong button and rejected the comment. Gone! So I've copied and pasted from the e-mail notification. Sorry, I've no idea how to make a proper link to her address.

"i have experienced that kind of life-no piped water nor electricity and that's what motivates us (my sisters & bros) to become successful!

GREAT entry!

mine is here: wirelessbliss: when it rains, it pours..."

Dragonstar said...

Thanks for your kind comments everyone!

poor man's nicole richie said...

family first always.
was this in ireland? fascinating!

Snap Catch said...

great catch for the theme! hope' you'll visit mine too..

jams o donnell said...

What wonderful photos. Very different to my own upbringing (housing estate in Hornchurch, not far from Dagenham). Happy weekend!

Liz said...

Wow, your life must have been amazing. A very happy loking family!

Tokenhippygirl said...

Excellent photos and a great and happy looking family!

Daisy said...

You have a lovely family and gosh, the view where you live is gorgeous!

starnitesky said...

Lovely family you have - do you still live there?

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

I agree. Family is the most important factor in our lives.

I also take part each week in the Photo Hunt.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...


Dragonstar said...

PMNR, yes this was in Ireland, on a small off-shore island.
Snap catch, I visited and enjoyed.
Jams, I think it did them the world of good. 2nd daughter lives in Dagenham now!
Liz, it was a wonderful life, but had it's difficulties.
Tam, thanks for the visit.
Daisy and Starnitesky, the view was wonderful, but increasing age finally forced us to leave 5 years ago.
Hi David, I'll be over in a bit.
Good morning WL!

Teena said...

Nothing more important than family!

Thanks for stopping by mine (ya, I know I'm late coming 'round to yours ... but I made it! Ha!)!