Saturday, 19 January 2008

Stephen's New Blog

I'm delighted to report that Stephen has reconsidered his previous decision and started a new blog.
I know, he could have reactivated the old one, but he wanted a fresh start. He's done some work on it today, which is great.
I hope he carries on with his reading, but this blog gives him an outlet for his photographs and for his feelings and will surely do him a great deal of good.


imac said...

Congrats to Stephen.
Also love your PhotoHunt too. nice one.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for checking out my Glastonbury videos to see if they worked the other day (unfortunately, they didn't). I think (hope) I have solved the prob now but if you could do me the big favour of seeing if they do work now I would be extrememly grateful. The vids can be found at thr bottom of this page: