Tuesday, 29 January 2008


No, this isn't a human-rights post - under these circumstances humans appear to have few rights. I'm talking of humans' existence to care for, and pander to the needs of, various creatures sometimes known as pets.

Last week I posted pictures of my owners trying to take over my blogging. I had several comments from people who suffer in the same way.

Heather, Ter, and Welshcakes Limoncello have been befriended by dogs.
Now dogs like company, and they love it if you come down to their level (lie or sit on the floor, play with them.) They love to join in.
Badger will be 14 in May, and mostly behaves like an elderly dog in need of plenty of rest. I say "mostly" because there are two occasions when she still behaves like a puppy. First, when I brush and comb her in the mornings, because she knows I'll be taking her out for a (whisper this!) walk. The second occasion is if she finds me doing some exercises - on my mat on the floor. Wow! And yippee! Fun on the floor! PLAY! End of exercise session.

Cats are different. Cats like to take over. VP, Barbara, Max-e, Damama-t, and Teena have been taken over by cats (although Damama's are at one remove, and Teena also has a dog) And, of course, Daisy is a cat!
Daisy is very good at all sorts of things.
Cats do not like to be ignored. Cats do like being warm and comfortable. When their slaves sit in front of those computers they ignore cats - so cats sit in front of them to be noticed. Laps are warm and usually soft - and available under the afore-mentioned circumstances. Need I say more?

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of Rinli, playing my game of Sudoku for me. I can't illustrate the time he deleted my e-mails for me - I was too busy to take a photo!

But we love them really, don't we?


Nessa said...

Teach your kitty to take dictation; D

david santos said...

Hi Dragonstar
A beautiful place here!
Excellent post! I love kats.
Thank you.

david santos said...

Cts, sorry.

barbara said...

Ahh... what a charming post :)
What would we be without our friends !
Yes, the cats( there is a second),have their rule of the house, sharing it with Rocky,the English Cocker. He is more attached to my Dad-in-law.
I loved seeing Rinli at the keyboard ! Stick around Rinli,there's always load of work to do on a PC !

VP said...

We always say that our cats are 'helping' us as they so like to get involved with everything!

You've heard the saying dogs have owners, cats have staff?

Lovely post and thanks for the link :)

Liz said...

George is the same, likes to join in and pat the keyboard and hold (or bite) the mouse. Also likes to sit on my lap.

Daisy said...

Rinli! Good typing! If I could just master the keyboard I might be able to take over the world...

hpy said...

Cats do take over! And humans love it.

Heather said...

My dog is 14, but still surprises me with her puppy-like outbursts every once in awhile. Most often, she'll do that for my 4-year old Luke. They love each other lots.

jams o donnell said...

Luckily or otherwise my four furry feline masters tend to ignore the computer. I fear their plans for world domination do not involve cyberspace!

Damama T said...

SLAVERY IS RIGHT! As I type this, I'm being set upon by my two demanding owners insistant upon being fed the roasted peanuts that are my snack for tonight! Dogs, unlike cats, will persist until they get their way instead of just finally slapping you and then going off to find more pleasant company elsewhere! At this moment, I think I'd be tempted to trade these two pesty mutts for a half dozen snooty felines! LOL!!

mm said...

But we love them really, don't we?
Oh we do, we do!. My cat is sitting next to the computer as I type this ....