Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Two Fer Tuesday

Two Fer Tuesday was started by Jonna. Visit her for some interesting photos.

Here are her rules.

Two fer Tuesday is easy. You just have to post about a pair of photos that have a theme, like Autumn, cars, a trip. The theme can be of your choosing. The theme may be direct or implied. You must explain how they are related, if implied. You must post at least 2. If you must post more than 2, they must be in pairs.

Right then, here are my two for today.

This first one was taken at the start of May this year.
It shows the blossom on our ornamental crab-apple tree, which was bought and planted by Stephen, my youngest son, two years ago. The blossom is a lovely deep pink, and the leaves have a purplish blush.
This year, for the first time, we have tiny crab apples developing.

This is the biggest so far. Now I want to know how big it will grow!


Damama T said...

Are crabapples edible? As always, lovely pictures. I love the perspective in the first one. It feels like I'm laying there looking up through the leaves at the distant buildings. Great job!

Blue said...


What a good two-some - lovely to see the progression from pretty bloom to rosy baby apple.
My ancient trees have lots of green ones showing now.

My two fer's up - have gone historical!

Best wishes

Blue said...

Hi again!

In answer to your question...
I have two supposedly small apple trees, they were old when I moved here in 1987, but they still bare friut. The biggest is a delicate fragrant dessert eater - doesn't keep or cook down. The other less prolific one, is a cooker but sadly not a Bramley - I like tart flavours. Crabapples make wonderfu flavoursome jelly but guess the ornimntal ones friut won't work or will they?


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What a nice idea. Lovely pics as always.

Nessa said...

Very nice. Apple is a very magical wood - good for making runes.

babooshka said...

Theye're very beautiful close ups. he detail is fabulous.

Jonna said...

Thanks for playing! When I was a child, we had several crabapple trees. I used to love to lie under them in the spring and summer.

CherryPie said...

I really love that top photo :-)