Thursday, 19 June 2008


Poor Badger isn't feeling very well.
On Sunday evening she was walking between rooms and suddenly yelped. I thought she may have twisted her foot somehow, as she was holding it up slightly.
Next morning she could hardly walk. Her whole body seemed weak and painful. She had to be supported out into the garden to relieve herself.
She wouldn't eat.
This has happened before, but she was fine after about two days. This time feels different.

I rang the Vet. As there's only one in the area, dealing with all the farm animals as well as the pets, it's not always easy to get hold of him, but this time I was lucky. We made a rapid lunch-time dash to the surgery, and came back with an anti-inflammatory mixture for her.

Badger slept all the rest of Monday, and most of Tuesday. Yesterday (Wednesday) morning she looked ready to try going for her morning walk - she made it to the front gate then came in again.
I'm glad to say she seems better today. She actually walked across the road and investigated the wheels of a small truck. When we came back in she wanted a snack. She's still not eating properly, but I think there's hope.

She's 14 years old now, though, so we have to face the fact that one day we'll be without her.

Not a happy thought.


Liz said...

Poor Badger and poor you. I do hope she does improve again. Horrible times when you know something is eventually inevitable but keep hoping 'not yet'.

Come on, Badger! George says woof woof, woof!

Blue said...

Oh bless!
Poor you & Badger.
I remember that worry with my beloved Hero - who made his 15th birthday & 7 days more.
Hope Badger with rest, will fight the good fight for a bit longer.
Pats & pets to her.


CherryPie said...

Oh dear poor thing, I hope she does get better soon!

Mental P Mama said...

Oh how that makes my heart ache. I wish we could have them forever.

Siani said...

Oh no - I hope she feels better soon. Every time my cat, Liberty, shows signs of being unwell, I worry that her kidneys are finally failing, but she always surprises me by bouncing back. Like you, I know that the day will come when she won't. Hopefully, Badger will be with you for some time yet - maybe she has a twinge or two of arthritis? Fingers crossed it's just a temporary setback.

Jane said...

Your picture alone nearly made me blub. Poor badger. I hope she gets better again and you have lots more time together. She looks a gorgeous dog. Jane

Nydia said...

I really hope this cutie is feeling better by now! Let us know!
*bright blessings*

Damama T said...

I'm praying for her and you. Losing a member of the family is always hard - whether they are of the 2 or 4-legged variety. xoxoxo