Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Two Fer Tuesday

Tuesday again, and time for

Two Fer Tuesday

hosted by Jonna

I'm sticking with garden bird pictures for the moment. They're filling my garden with movement and noise, in spite of two cats and a dog.

I've been trying out my camera's motor-drive, enjoying catching the near-perfect moment. I could bore you all day with photo after photo, but I'm limiting myself to just the two.
The robin keeps coming back to bathe.
He looks as if he's really enjoying himself!

But he's sure someone's spying on him!

Here are Jonna's rules:

Two fer Tuesday is easy. You just have to post about a pair of photos that have a theme, like Autumn, cars, a trip. The theme can be of your choosing. The theme may be direct or implied. You must explain how they are related, if implied. You must post at least 2. If you must post more than 2, they must be in pairs.


Blue said...

Your bird bath is just so sweet.
And, I love the robin photo's.
Am seriouly envious!
They are beyond my camera's scope.

I've just posted my two photo's.
I funnily enough have a hat theme like Jonna!

Anonymous said...

I swear that seal is aware of something going on behind his head.

Jules said...

I love your birdbath! I thought you were posting about the seal at first until I spied the bird in the second one! LOL