Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Cold Fire

This was my garden yesterday. Now I know this is nothing to you people living in snowy areas, but for us - this is SNOW!My poor wee dragon had his daffodil stuck to his nose.
And the houses behind us had snow over their turf stacks.

Cold fire!


ad2tech said...

yeah i thought snow should be something heavy too..nice take though

starnitesky said...

You had much more snow than me! It snowed for about half and hour and then when I got home it was nearly all gone.

Paulie said...

Everyone gets snow but me!!!!!!!

I mean, we had snow 13 times but it never whitened the ground but twice and it didn't even last a day! It hasn't snowed for a month now. Our flowers are budding and blooming. I enjoyed seeing your snow!

Paulie said...

I think I posted here but got interrupted --your poor daffodils!

mm said...

Wow. We didn't get any snow at all!

Damama T said...

Your littel dragon looks like he's trying to get a whiff of spring! It was 78 here today and absolutely beautiful Wish I could package it and send some your way. ;o)