Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Two Fer Tuesday..

Today I'm combining Jonna's Two Fer Tuesday with a bit of showing off.

Just so you can all see how lucky I was at Christmas time.

Mug from Second Son's Fiancee.

Ear-rings and necklace from Second Son's Fiancee, 'Cadfael' omnibus from Second Son, 'Oath Breaker' from First Son and his Lady.
Enchantica mugs from First Son and his Lady, Red glass flying dragon from Elder Daughter, dragon trinket tray from Youngest Son.
I'll say!


Anonymous said...

I know you'll think it strange but I've seen these before somewhere.

Katney said...

I love Cadfael. You have a good haul there.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love the over-worked/underpaid mug. I too love Cadfael - I think I have probably read them all now but even if I read it again I still find it enjoyable. Happy reading.

Daryl said...

Indeed you are .. now I know from whence the odd shot came!

Love the loot .. especially the mug and red dragon!

Dr.John said...

Now I would call that a great Christmas.

Jonna said...

GREAT two fer. You made out like a bandit. All fine gifts indeed. I do LOVE the mug though. Very funny.

Poopsie Blue said...

What a terrific selection of gifts!

sally in norfolk said...

lovely looking gifts :-)

Debbie said...

Love the Dragon trinket tray and the dragon mugs. Lucky you..