Monday, 5 May 2008

Odd Shots On Monday

Katney hosts Odd Shots.
Visit her for the rules and more participants.

This is my Odd Shot.
The thistles are starting to grow, and the rosette (before the central stem grows tall) looks like a green star in the grass.

This may not be as sharp as it could be - I took it with my camera-phone.

Happy Monday everyone.


imac said...

Well photographed and Odd shot too.

My bridge and odd shot are now showing.

JC said...

We have a lot of those "stars" in our lawn ;-/
Lol... they are prettier in someone elses lawn!

Paulie said...

That is a great catch! It is very interesting to learn about also. Now you will have me looking down for like ones! Ü

Dr.John said...

At first I thought that was a spider web.

starnitesky said...

Very prickly not to be stepped upon!

Katney said...

Yeah, we get those, too. Nasty hard to get rid of. We also have the tumbling tumbleweed kind of thistle.

andrée said...

I never ever noticed that with thistles, and it's just beautiful. More symmetry in nature.