Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I love my cameraphone. It's like having a pocket-sized 3.2 megapixel camera which just happens to double as a phone.

I took this picture while out (again!) with the dog.
My little camera let me get quite close to this bee on a red clover flower.

When I got home I cropped the picture to remove some of the background, and this is the result.

I know the quality isn't what it could be, but this is a mobile phone after all.

I like it a lot!


Blue said...

Hi There!
This would have been perfect for the private @ present blog meme blog friend & I are doing... Two fer TUESDAY, is Jonna idea, but its fun. See my site if interested, so far there is 3-4 of us playing but no matter, its friendly fun

TY for your lovely personal comments re me & my mess!
Hubby too.
Just posted an update.


CherryPie said...

I love the colour of the bee against the flower :-)

Nydia said...

For me the quality is great! There are som many things to phtograph on the outside... Nature is always surprising.
Kisses from Nydia!
Thanks for your lovely words on my beach post!
*Bright blessings*

seev said...

Hey, Dragonstar, that's not a bod picture at all. Very neat one actually. You have bees in Ireland too! I wonder how many bees there are in the world? (Not to mention ants.)

Dick said...

The pictures are not bad but a camera is better. I use my cell phone also when I forgot to take my camera with me. And that happens all the time.