Wednesday, 7 May 2008

ABC Wednesday - P

It's ABC Wednesday again, hosted by Mrs Nesbitt, and this week the letter is P.

P is for


Last Thursday I showed you my birthday jewellery, and I said I'd had another present I'd show you later.
Well, today is "later".

Stephen gave me a beautiful glass paperweight, a colourful

The colours change with changing light, because the Pyramid is also a Prism.

Can you see what's inside the prismatic pyramid?

Yes, it's a dragon.

Now you wouldn't have expected that, would you?

For more Posts beginning with P, visit the Participants you'll find at Mrs Nesbitt's Place.

I should be able to start visiting again tonight or tomorrow, as my daughter's leaving today.

Have a good Wednesday.


Miss_Yves said...

Gorgeous light and colours !
Miss Yves

Andrea said...

What a PERFECT and beautiful PRESENT.

Blue said...

That is sooooooo gorgeous!
The colours are lovely.
I just LOVE your memourablia.

Can't remember if I said "Belated Happy Birthday"
That silver dragon set of jewelery was a delight.
I once upon a time, managed a Celtic shop, I chose lots of lovely dragon silver pieces, sadly never came home with any.

Best wishes

Jan said...

What a wonderful gift, and of course, it has dragons on it.

Suburbia said...

That was funny! I'd never have expected a dragon!!
Lovely colours:)

Pernille's ting og tang said...

Very beautiful and perfect present!

Have fun:)

Petunia said...

It's beautiful! Also the little dragon. Happy you!!!

Lil Jimmy said...

Beautiful light refraction.

Paulie said...

Super entry for today!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Gosh, that's so pretty. I can only imagine what that must look like when the sunlight hits it in different angles and bounces off the walls and the ceiling... wow... very nice.
Rocky Mountain Retreat

nonizamboni said...

What a beautiful gift--dragon and colors!
Thanks for sharing.

Nydia said...

What a lovely pyramid, with the dragon caught inside. Just perfect P post! Hope you're enjoying your daughter's visit! Kisses from Nydia.

Texas Travelers said...

Amen on the Dragons.
Great "P" post.
Well done.

Come visit,

Ida said...

A great Present. :)
Something you never get tired of looking at.
It`s beautiful.


leslie said...

What a gorgeous pyramid prism! It is absolutely exquisite! :D

Neva said...

I can only see the prism with the dragon in it....but that is lovely.
This is my ABC.
as well as this.

Liz said...

What a beautiful present.

Dirty Knees said...

Lucky YOU!!

imac said...

Beautiful colours and great and interesting theme.

See my Pot also We were at Belvoir castle on tues,pop over to my blog and see.

Dr.John said...

So the prismatic pyramid is a portal to a dragon. That's a good picture for a P.

Helena said...

LOL! I love the dragon in this!
Good ideas for "p"! I had trouble thinking of anything this week! "Q" is going to be even harder! LOL!

Mar said...

It's beautiful!! and I wasn't expecting a dragon, now I can see it too :)

CherryPie said...

What a beautiful prism, I have never seen anything quite like that before!

starnitesky said...

What an amazing present! I love the colours, you must have been very pleased to receive it.

mrsnesbitt said...

So sorry for being late to visit you, I am playing catch up after a few days out on the motorbike.

Loved the prism, what a beautiful thought.

Damama T said...

Pretty, practical, perfect prismatic pyramid protecting petite pyromaniac. ;o)