Sunday, 6 April 2008

"Where There's Life . . . "

About a month ago, in 'Saturday PhotoHunt - Different', I posted a photo of a tiny plant forcing its way through the tarmac. Here it is again, as a reminder.
I've checked the plant whenever I've passed, and yesterday I found this.

Yes, it's a hard-working daisy!

It may be another day or two before the flower really holds its head up high, but it's there.

As the old saying goes - "Where there's life, there's hope."

There's certainly life there!


starnitesky said...

That really is a tough daisy coming up through the tarmac. I love to see daisies in a lawn, I had lots of daisies in my lawn at my previous house, sometimes it was difficult to cut the grass but they soon came back.

Jane said...

I saw a fern do this in tarmac last year. Pushed and pushed it's way through. I think we forget how tough plants can be! Jane

Rosebud said...

I was wondering about this. So nice to see the resilient little plant. So, it didn't wither up! Great!
I hope all is well with you and yours. Rosebud

Damama T said...

Thank you. I needed that reminder.