Tuesday, 29 April 2008

FIND ZOEY - Update - FOUND!!!

Editing this post to say that Zoey is safely back home with tnchick at last. I'm so glad to be able to report this!


This beautiful dog has been missing in
Franklin, Kentucky, USA
since 22nd April 2008.
Her owners are heartbroken.
If you or anyone you know sees her, please contact
her owners.
Lets try to find Zoey and fetch her home.


Damama T said...

My heart goes out to tnchick. I know how frantic we get when our two runners get out, and we usually find them within just a few minutes. I can't imagine it being days! I'll be praying for her safe return.

-TNChick- said...

I'm seeing this on many sites and am soo, soo thankful for internet friends like ya'll. I'm grateful for your help in spreading the word - it means a lot to me. Hopefulyl someone will come online seeking her owner!! Praying I see Zoey, again.

Katney said...

She's found. Go check TnChick's blog and you will see the story.

imac said...

Good news for tnchick.

Great O post.

Please fly over to visit my O.Post.