Sunday, 24 May 2009


I've been trying to get round to posting this for weeks, but I've just not managed it. Still, here it is now.
Just in time for my birthday, at the very beginning of this month, an envelope arrived from my dear blogging friend Nydia in Brazil. Inside was a little package wrapped in pretty baby-dragon paper.

Inside the dragon paper were two lovely bookmarks made by Nydia's son Lucas - one for me and one for Aileni. This photo shows one side,

and this shows the other.

Lucas has included autumn leaves, which really brought home to me the difference between the southern hemisphere and the northern spring!

Next there was this almost-monochrome fridge magnet, depicting the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain, made by Nydia. It smartens up my fridge.

Lastly there was this cute dragon, also made by Nydia. It could be used as a keyring, but I'd hate to risk damaging it. It hangs above my desk, guarding my computer.
Isn't it lovely? I'm so lucky! Thank you Nydia - and Lucas.


The Weaver of Grass said...

What would we do without our blogging friends. Wouldn't life be dull?

Betty said...

They are such sweet gifts from so far away I love the dragon key ring. We are all so lucky to have our bloging friends.

BJ Roan said...

The best gifts are those made by hand. You are lucky to have such fine friends.

CherryPie said...

What a great collection of gifts and I love the wrapping paper :-)

Nydia said...

So sweet of you to post, Miss Dragon! Though not necessary, I was already happy that they were with you both! :o)

I'll let Lucas know you about it!

Kisses & hugs from us with love.

☆sapphire said...


What a lovely blog!
I love dragons too.
I'm writing about them a little. I always wonder what they really are!!