Wednesday, 27 May 2009

ABC Wednesday, Round 4 - S.

For the letter S today I offer
in the playground near the

And a

under a ride in the playground near the

And lastly, some evening
sunlight on stones
and broken shells on the
There's even some seaweed!

ABC Wednesday was started by Denise, and more participants can be found through the comments on the dedicated page (Mr Linky doesn't feel very well at the moment!)


Babooshka said...

I love the strong red of both the swings and springs. I'm always unsure in this day and age whether to photograph playgrounds. You've convinced me I should for the wealth of colour.

Katney said...

Teh playground always makes a good spot for fun photos.

Nessa said...

Sensational sssss.

CherryPie said...

So bright and colourful :-)

Daryl said...

Love the spring ... and the others too!

photowannabe said...

Nice lines. I especially like the red spring. Great choices for the letter S.

jay said...

The playground is colourful, but looks kind of barren somehow... I think it's because the playgrounds of my youth were grass! I love the spring, though. We never had springs.



Sailor Girl said...

Your photos and choices are always GREAT, DragonStar!!!!!!

Miss_Yves said...

So coloured !
Now, the playground near the is empty, but in Summer, it's different !