Sunday, 2 December 2007

Wedding Anniversary.

Today is our 35th wedding anniversary. It's been a cold, wet day, just like 35 years ago. I've spent the day scanning all our wedding photographs into my computer, so I have a back-up for the originals. What a lot of memories!

Here we are, signing the register.

In the car, on the way to the reception.
You can see the weather through the rear window.

Now to cut the cake.
If you look closely you'll see that the top tier is badly positioned.
The manageress rushed in with it at the last minute, and plonked it on.
Shortly after the photo was taken, the top of the cake toppled off - saved from disaster by Aileni's rapid reactions (he caught the cake and replaced it safely!)

This was the third strange occurrence of the day.
The first event occurred after the service ended. The organist let rip with great volume and true Welsh "Hwyl" An elderly lady who suffered from Meniere's disease was sitting close to the organ. The vibrations brought on a fainting attack and an ambulance was called! She was fine, but she missed the reception.
The second event was during the photography. My close friend brought my Godson to me, so naturally we had a picture.

Fortunately there were no more unusual events!

In spite of the weather, it was a lovely day.

And thank you Mardé for the e-card - what a sweet thought.


Damama T said...

Happy anniversary! I found you through photo hunt -- just had to check out the blog with Dragon in the name. ;) 11/26 would have been my 30th anniversary if R and I had made it. We had one of those fiasco-type weddings, too. If you need a giggle, go check it out at

Congratulations on being able to make your first one the last one.

Siani said...

Many congratulations to you and Aileni - 35 years is a wonderful achievement. Love the wedding pics.

barbara said...

Congratulations to Aileni and yourself. !!

I just love weddings and I enjoyed seeing your photos ! We also can say that we did not have nice weather for the wedding.It rained through most of the day. My husband's aunt drove me to the church, so I would not ruin my gown.The rest of the party walked over between the downpours!
A saying in France about rain on wedding days :
"Mariage pluvieux,mariage heureux"
"A rainy wedding is a happy wedding"
( Tears of joy coming down from heaven,I guess!)

Have a nice day :)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You look lovely and so happy.

Teena said...

I'm late but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

seev said...

Hey, those are really interesting pictures. Great you kept them and scanned them in 35 years later. I love the story of the cake. Way to go, Aileni! Good catch, in more ways than one. ;-)

My wedding, second time around, took place on July 1, 1963. What's that? Forty-four years ago? I bought a scanner a couple weeks ago. Maybe I'll scan the pics in that we took at the time, having gotten the idea from you...

jams o donnell said...

COngratulations on your 35th anniversary. Here's to many more years together

Dragonstar said...

Thanks everyone for all your kind thoughts.