Sunday, 9 December 2007

Christmas Spirit.

Thanks Siani, that code worked fine!

Here it is then folks, the Christmas Spirit Award. Very pretty, and a lovely thought. Much too pretty to keep to myself. So if any of you want to share some Christmas Spirit, you're welcome to collect it here. The code is in Siani's comment on the Bodacious post.

Happy Christmas (or whatever it is you celebrate at this time) to you all.

14th Dec.
Editing to apologise for the vanished award. It seems that if Christmas arrives too early it can also leave early. Either that, or my Christmas Spirit has vanished - which might be possible as the shops are demented just now!

11th Jan.
Well, what do you know? Christmas Spirit has returned without my noticing it! Do you think it's all ready for next December?


Gledwood said...

Hello my darling!

I came across you via Welshcakes' Sicillian site...

Your blog is quite entertaining.

I can't have cats so I have the smallest pet mammals I can find, namely "Roborovski" pet hamsters.

They are about a tenth of the weight and a quarter of the visual size (if not smaller) than the hamster we all know from our childhood...

... that's what I blog about as well as my scandalous problems

you're welcome to come by my blog if you like

I don't THINK I've been by here before... maybe I have (hazy)

have to say though maybe it's bad eyesight I thought you were a CAT not a dragon on first avatarglance!!


all the best to you!

"Vol 2"...