Monday, 3 December 2007

More About Our Wedding.

I started today well, having visited Damama t for a good laugh. Her story's here. She reminded me of the start of our wedding ceremony.

Now I should perhaps explain that my husband has far from fond memories of churches, and likes only one hymn - "All Things Bright And Beautiful" - so that was our first hymn.

I was, fairly naturally, quite high-spirited that day. The first line of the hymn "all things bright and beautiful" had me looking at almost-hubby's tie, and starting to smile. The second line "all creatures great and small" made me look at my man, several inches shorter than me, and at his Best Man who had congenital leg trouble and was even shorter, and the giggle started to bubble up. I had to stop singing. I heard the same reaction from my sister (my bridesmaid, standing just behind me) and I started to shake with the effort of not laughing aloud. Fortunately, I succeeded, and I made my vows without a tremour in my voice. That was a real triumph!


Siani said...

That's a great wedding day story - I always get the giggles at formal occasions. Not sure if the first comment I made on this post went through, so apologies if I'm repeating myself.

BTW, you have an award waiting for you!

imac said...

Good story there, wonder if the Groom has a story

3 Gs post now up

barbara said...

I just loved your story :)
You have quite a sense of humor, and I really enjoyed how those lyrics fit in at that time and moment.
Priceless !!
See you soon, my friend.

Crochetoholic Debb said...

Wonderful wedding story..thank you for your comments...and I am happy to learn that WW will work..I lost another 1lb 2oz ...hip hip hooray!!!

Damama T said...

LOL!! I love the image of you standing there trying to stifle yourself. I can just imagine that the guests probably thought that you were shaking because you were being overcome with emotion and trying to control sobs of joy. At least that's how I would have tried to pass it off! LOLOLOL!!

Thanks for the link back to the land of lunacy that is my blog. You're a sweetie!! xoxo

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well done. It sounds like you had a really joyful day.

seev said...

Yes, this is hilarious! What a great description! Great that you recovered in time to seal the day and save the wedding. Humor is the greatest gift.

farmingfriends said...

I love All thing's Bright and Beautiful. What an interesting post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and memories.
Sara from farmingfriends

Dragonstar said...

Siani, thanks for the award. I'm really touched. Oh, it's so easy to get the giggles!
Imac, the groom has the same story, but just keeps looking at the photos.
Barbara, I just can't help seeing the funny side of things.
Debb, you'll be sylph-like in no time.
Damama t, Welshcakes, Seev, Sarah, it was a day to remember - as it should be. A good laugh sloves a lot of problems.

Dragonstar said...