Sunday, 9 December 2007

More Awards!

Siani's passed on another award. There were two actually, but I haven't yet managed to retrieve the pretty "Christmas Spirit" one. I'm not very technically educated!

I looked up 'bodacious' in WordWeb Online, and it says it means incorrigible, and unrestrained by convention or propriety.

Thanks Siani - I think!

Now, who deserves this one? Hmmm. . . . . .


imac said...

Congrats your blog certainly deserves an award.

Steam post up now.

Siani said...

So that's what bodacious means, LOL. Had no idea!

Sorry, I should have given you the code for the Christmas Spirit Award - I had to do some detective work and glean it from the source code of Liza's blog. Here it is:

(center)(embed src="" width="222" height="186" type="application/x-shockwave-flash")(/embed)(/center)

Just replace every '(' with '<' and every ')' with '>'. I have to type it with brackets, otherwise the code would activate and you'd just see the award image again. If you don't want it centre-aligned, just remove the 'center' tags.

Dragonstar said...

Oops, just realised that the full code hasn't shown. If you want this, and the code doesn't work for you, I can send it to you if you include your e-mail address in your comment - I'll keep that totally private and delete it. No-one else will see it.