Thursday, 13 December 2007


Life is getting back to normal right now, after our early mini-Christmas. 2nd daughter left last evening, and is now sleeping off the journey (poor visibility, fog, ice) back with her partner.
She was so impressed by Clever Son's skill. She loved the bed, and started making plans for built-in furniture along the opposite wall!
We gave her a lap-top and introduced her to Blogger. She's set up her own blog, but hasn't had a chance to post anything yet.
She gave me two new books, by authors I don't know, so I'm going to have fun finding out.
I'm already waiting for her next visit!


Jane said...

So glad you had a great time with your daughter. Time together is so important. We've had a mini Christmas come Wedding Reception today. We caught up with my mum, dad, aunt and sister and all sat down to a nice homemade caserole. Then mum produced an iced cake with "Happiness for Andrew & Jane" written on it, and we actually cut the cake and had photos taken! It's the first time we have seen mum since we got married, and I must admit I shed a tear when she brought the cake in... Mum's are just so great!

imac said...

A good time had by all then, well done. Hope you enjoy your books.

My walk continues

seev said...

I think it's good to stretch Christmas out a little, like you're doing. Better than having it all on one day, and then if it's a bust, boo hoo! Takes some of the stress off too.

Damama T said...

I agree with Seev- It's so stressful to put together a big holiday event and then it's over before you now it. This way, you get to enjoy it a little at a time.

I also like Jane's mom's cake idea. May borrow it for when my kids come next week!

Who were the authors? Let us know if it's anyting worth sharing.