Saturday, 10 November 2007


Some of you have expressed interest in the work Stephen has done in our garden. Now, as far as I'm concerned, I love a neat lawn surrounded by tidy flower beds. The trouble is that our garden tends to fill with water when the weather's wet (hey, this is Ireland, it's called the Emerald Isle for a good reason, and rain keeps it green!) The grass grows quickly, and then rain stops it being cut. No way can we have a tidy lawn without constant effort. So Stephen has been working to produce a garden that can be used whatever the weather. Here's a slideshow. Hope you like it.

Does this give you any ideas imac?

Seev, we have two girls and three boys - Stephen is the youngest.


Siani said...

The housing association made a gravel garden for me about three years ago. Alas, it's now a mass of weeds. They're supposed to look after it, but since there was a change of caretaker for my area, nothing's been done. I hope the winter will kill most of the weeds off, so I can start again from scratch in the spring.

barbara said...

Hi Drangonstar,
How's life ?
Well, that was well done ! I enjoyed following the steps in the slideshow.
Yes, the Emerald Isle :)
I have (not yet at least) set foot there, but it holds an enormous attraction for myself.

You have a great weekend and see you soon.

imac said...

Nice work there. Thanks for the link to.:):)

farmingfriends said...

What a great tour of your garden - you have certainly worked hard.Thanks for the link. Sara from farmingfriends

seev said...

Yes, a great slide show. Very interesting, too, the way the pages turn. Thanks for the info on your offspring. (Well I suppose they just didn't spring off.:)