Monday, 26 November 2007

Clever Son!

More about the clever son I mentioned on Saturday.

We have a small single bedroom over the front door. It's been very difficult to fit a bed in there, due to a radiator under the window and a raised wedge in the floor over the stairs.

Over the weekend, Clever Son has built a fitted bed for us, so now we actually have a spare room. All I need now is the mattress, which should arrive by the end of this week. Second daughter arrives for a week at the beginning of next month, and now she'll have a comfy bedroom instead of sleeping in the sitting room. Much nicer for her.

This is the start - the first board on the wall.

Not far to go - fitting the slats.

The finished bed - and shelves on the wall, too.

I'm very pleased. Now - wonder what else I can get him to do . . . . .


Siani said...

You couldn't possibly clone Clever Son and send him over to me, could you? I'd find plenty of DIY jobs for him, as my flat is falling apart. I just wish I was handy with things like that, but apart from being utterly clueless, power tools terrify me.

imac said...

Nice one Son.
Everyone happy now.

New post now showing

barbara said...

That is such a nice job !
Your son seems to be quite a handyman.That is such a nice quality in a man :)
I hope that you are doing fine, my friend.
See you again soon.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I could do with him round here!

Siani said...

You have an award!

seev said...

Great job by that clever son. Sounds like clever in the planning and the doing both? And if he likes the doing and the planning, more power to him, and to you. Sounds like he does like!

Dragonstar said...

Yes, Clever Son is a good lad, always willing to help out his family in his spare time (and he gets precious little of that these days!) I can't get over how quickly he can see just what he needs to do and how to do it. Expertise, I suppose.

Lord James-River said...

Who needs a mattress with such workmanship?