Saturday, 17 November 2007

Brave Sophie.

This evening I read a disgusting thing on a friend's blog. A brave little 9 year old girl from Shrewsbury has a diary blog, describing her fight against leukaemia.
The disgusting part is that some sick, twisted, evil person has posted death-threats on her blog.

What is wrong with some people? How could anyone do such a thing to a child?

Wee Sophie has had a bad week, feeling very unwell. Fortunately her father has been able to protect her from the worst of the evil, but she knows something's wrong. She needs even more support now than in the past. If you feel you can visit Sophie's diary, and maybe leave a cheerful message, this is her address

Prepare to be won over by Sophie's bravery and her lovely smile.


barbara said...

Nice to be here, although this piece of news is very sad :(
How could some people be so evil !
I will drop by and say Hi to Sophie.
Leukemia is something that we have seen in my family ( my cousin's son died of it).

Thank you for sharing

imac said...

Such terrible people around.

Just been and left a meeage for Sofie.

If you like anticipation then

pop over to see the buildup of the spectacular