Monday, 12 November 2007

Eight Things Aboout Me!

Siani, of Siani's Pot-Pourri, has tagged me, so I now have to reveal eight random facts about myself - thanks a million Siani! (LOL!)

When tagged, you have to link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules just before your list, then list eight random facts about yourself. At the end of your post, you must tag and link to eight other people.

So here goes:

1. I'm terrified of spiders! This is a totally irrational fear, as I've never been hurt by one. They kill flies, which are germ-ridden and disgusting, but it makes no difference. When my first baby was tiny, I was nursing her as a spider ran across the floor. My big black idiot of a cat pounced - and ate it - yeuch!!! I couldn't let the poor cat near me for some time, as I'd last seen that spider in his mouth. Stupid behaviour!

2. I love food. I particularly love chocolate (dark and delicious), chocolate fudge cake, mature cheddar cheese, fresh-baked bread.

3. I'm very good at starting new enthusiasms, and good at giving up part way. Anyone want part-knitted sweaters with missing patterns?

4. I'm bad at putting things away, but every so often I'll have a tidying spree.

5. I have a life-long weight problem (not surprising, considering no.2 above!)

6. I love jewelery, particularly silver. Ear-rings are my passion. In the past I've made my own silver and gemstone jewelery.

7. In the past 18 months I've managed to lose 3.5 stone, and am now struggling to keep that weight off.

8. I taught all my children at home from the time my elder daughter was attacked in school (at the age of five and a half!)

Right, that's done. Now I must find eight people to tag. Eight people I'd like to know better.

Welshcakes Limoncello

All interesting people!


Siani said...

OMG! Numbers 2-7 could be me. I'm absolutely dying for some chocolate at the moment, but I have none. Actually, that's a lie. I have a large tin of Roses and a large tin of Quality Street - but they're for Christmas, so I'm making a mammoth effort to resist. I was picked on hideously in school, until my mother kicked off about it. I think schools need to wise up about how they tackle bullying. Most teachers seem to see bullying as a normal part of school life, but it shouldn't be.

farmingfriends said...

Your facts are very interesting. I like chocolate too! I was interested to hear that you home schooled your children - it must be lovely to be educated in the comfort and safety of your own home and spend more time with your family learning about the wonders of the world.
I am thrilled to be asked to write 8 facts about me and I am going to link them to life on the farm - it may take me a week or two to write the post but rest assured I will get it done. Thanks for thinking of me - I am honoured. Sara from farmingfriends

Old Wom Tigley said...

OH dear..
Dragonstar: Thank you for concidering me worthy of being tagged.. please don't be offended when I say "I don't do tags" and "I don't do awards"...

I tend not to hold back with what I say about myself, I am very open as well. If there is anything you would like to know just ask openly on a post, also my e-mail is available.
Please don't take offence as I welcome you to my blog always, it is just how I am.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thanks for the link. Lovely blog you have. That is awful about your daughter being attacked at school and you took a brave decision to teach your children at home. Here are 8 things about me:
Scared of spiders too
Untidy but have the occasional blitz on everything too
Never have a day without putting full make-up on
Prefer my dog to most people
Love bags and shoes but bags more
Think too much
Hate hypocrisy
Swear like a trooper

Auguri from Sicily

imac said...

Ah, Dragon days, Nice blog.

Tags, I was tagged a little while ago of 8 things about me, so what I will do is pass my post of it on my blog, so you can learn more about me, hope this will be ok with you.

jmb said...

Another chocoholic, like me. And why I need to lose weight too. I lost 50 lbs over a year and a half, kept it off for a while but it is creeping back on again. I must be strict again. I'm untidy too.

How awful about your daughter, a very scary happening.

I've done this meme several times so would have trouble doing it again however if you don't mind I will put it on the back burner and trot it out when I am lacking inspiration.

Flo said...

Okay, I did it. You can read the post here:
Flo's Place

Sir James Badger said...

Home teaching - that's interesting.yfpza

barbara said...

Hi Dragonstar,
Nice to get to know you a little better :)
I also happen to be a choc fan, but try and be careful there. I tend to eat chocolate bars, and drink hot chocolate than eat desserts.
How interesting about the fact that you home educated your children. That is remarkable and I applaud you ! It must not be easy to get children concentrating.

Any time you want to to another meme, no problem for myself; you can tag me.

Keep up the good work with your weight reduction; little by little, you will get there.