Sunday, 4 November 2007


It's been a busy day today, in spite of the fact that Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.

I came in from walking the dog this morning to find Stephen (my son) hard at work in the garden. We had a tonne of garden pebbles delivered yesterday, and Stephen was busily wheelbarrowing them from the front to the back. I had to trim the black weed-suppressant around some plants, and then the pebbles were spread over half the garden. There's still some left to do, as we need more of the black stuff to finish the job. Once it's complete there'll be a minimum of grass to keep tidy during the growing season.

I sat down with a cuppa, feeling pretty tired, and Stephen picked up a paintbrush. We now have a fresh coat of paint around the windows and doors. It all looks very clean and smart. I'm exhausted, but very pleased.


barbara said...

Hello Dragonstar,
I'am pleased to meet you and discover your blog. I'am enjoying my visit.
You are from Ireland; I'am not born in Ireland, but am of Irish-American descent. And believe me, darn proud of it ;). My principal family originates from Kilkenny city.

Feel flle to fly on over anytime. I'am just across the Channel and over in France.
Have a nice day .

Dragonstar said...

Thanks for the invitation Barbara. I enjoyed visiting your blog - interesting things to learn, and good photos.

Jamflam said...

Sunday is a great day to rest, but getting things done is also nice!

Your garden sounds lovely!

seev said...

Yes, your garden sounds lovely. And I agree with you: Barbara has a very interesting blog with great photos. Thanks for visiting my blog as well.