Thursday, 25 December 2008

True Colours Thursday - Green.

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This week's colour is GREEN.

I thought I'd return to summer for my first photo - Deutzia basking in sunshine!

This is a different green - a House Leek on my kitchen windowsill.

Slightly more seasonal, with sunny Holly leaves.

And bringing things right up to date, a line of rather dark-looking Christmas trees along Cope Street.

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, may it be truly good.


Anonymous said...

Lovely Greens and hope for the coming seasons.

Katney said...

I'd never heard of a houseleek. I was expecting something oniony. It looks akin to one we call hens and chicks.

Anonymous said...

The Holly looks very healthy....
have a good day.

Damama T said...

That Leek is BEAUTIFUL! If you ever figure out how to mass produce that green thumb of yours, I want to be your first customer! ;o)

Marguerite said...

I love your greens, especially the houseleek. I would like to have one of those on my kitchen windowsill. I'ms sure my kitties would like it, too.