Thursday, 14 August 2008

Favourite Things Thursday

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I missed out on last week's, as my daughters were visiting and I had no time for anything but talking. Family is my most favourite thing, but I'm not blogging about family right now.
No, I'm going to talk about something else - the pleasure I get from receiving packages in the post.
Recently I had a lovely surprise. Denise Nesbitt was giving away some of her hand-made cards, and I was the lucky recipient of one of them. An envelope came through my door, containing not one but two cards.

Even the envelope was pretty!

This is the "Thank you" card.
With such a sweet message.

Below is the card I won.
It has a cut-out window, a pretty design background paper, and a central raised flower.
Inside the cover is a lovely garden quote,
more pretty paper,
and the blank message pages which I haven't photographed.

This is the very back of the card.

I should think of someone special to send this card to, but right now I intend to be mean. I'm keeping this beautiful thing for myself, at least, for now.


jientje said...

Yes, you should!!
Just a little while longer, until you can decide on who gets it!
I won't be able to comment for a couple of days, I'm travelling to London tomorrow! So excited!

Aileni said...

Denise is very skilful - they are extremely attractive cards.

Blue said...

Very pretty card!
Denise's designs are lovely.
It was a good post for Fav Things - one I could really relate to as you now I too like my post.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Well, I don't blame you for wanting to hold on to the least for a while. ;-)

Denise said...

Oh thanks so so much. As I said over on my blog today I absolutely LOVE creating anything inspired by nature. I get as much pleasure in giving themaway as I do making them.

B. Roan said...

I think you should enjoy the card for a while. It is beautiful and deserves careful thought before bestowing it on someone else. Love the design.

CherryPie said...

Oooh! it is lovely :-)

starnitesky said...

What lovely cards Denise is so talented.