Wednesday, 13 January 2010

ABC Wednesday - Z.

Here we are on the final letter of Round 5 of ABC Wednesday.
Although after today I shall no longer be part of the Team, I shall still try to produce a weekly contribution. Why? Because I enjoy the challenge and the friendship. Thanks Denise for this great idea!

For this week's post - the letter Z - I'm returning to my collection of stones and gems.
is for

is a green mineral used for gemstones or carvings (Wiki article here.)

I'm showing my specimens agianst two different backgrounds because of the way they alter the appearence of the colours.
These stones are natural and unworked. They'd look much brighter if they were polished. The chunks of red in the green are actually ruby!

More Z posts can be found through the ABC Wednesday page.


Roger Owen Green said...

new word for me. THANKS!

Jay said...

Oh, that's pretty! Is the green copper? I imagine they would be gorgeous polished.

Betty said...

Love your Zoisite.I bet it would be beautiful polished and made into jewelry

Tumblewords: said...

I'd never heard of zoisite but it is quite spectacular! See you in the A's! :)

Louis la Vache said...

Very interesting! «Louis» learned something by stopping here today!

(Editor to «Louis»: This is the ONLY thing you've learned recently!

«Louis» to Editor: How about this? I learned that my rear hooves applied swiftly to your arse will launch you across the room!

Editor: GULP!)

Anonymous said...

ooooh, pretty! I'd never heard of zoisite before. I love the way it appears to change against different backgrounds - a bit like opals when polished, I guess?

Rose said...

I've never heard of zoisite before--beautiful specimens! Thanks for sharing, Dragonstar.

YTSL said...

So... what next after Z? Back to A? ;b