Friday, 12 October 2007


I'm delighted to report that Rinli seems back to normal - he obviously decided that this was not, after all, the right time to die. I'm so glad.

I'm also delighted with the results of the new software we bought for my severely dyslexic son. He's had reading software for a while, but now he has voice-recognition software that enables him to write e-mails and blogs - anything, in fact! We still have to complete the necessary training, as it has difficulty with his speech mannerisms, but it's good enough to be recognisable even now. He's been able to write down all his deepest feelings, which has given him such a sense of freedom. He's 22 now, and this is the first time he's been able to read and write in privacy (we've always had to read things to him, and write to his dictation.)
I know, he's never known anything different, but it's been an incredible experience for him to write without interference. Well done Stephen!


Damama T said...

You talked about Stephen's scooter trek and I had to go find out more about him. I saw that he'd started a photohunt blog, but when I went there, I found it gone. (OK - so I haven't finished my first cup of coffee.. found it gone?? LOL!)

So tell us how he's doing with the software now? Has it gotten easier? Given him more confidence? He sounds like a really wonderful guy. I don't know many who would just start trucking rocks around and painting without a lot of mom nagging behind the scenes.

My Bug is dysgraphic , so I know about some of the frustrations you have to deal with. Hope all goes as well for your son as it has for mine. He's learned all sorts of coping skills.

See you again soon!