Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Our family includes pets.

One, a stray cat we took in 14 years ago, has had several small strokes. Although she's recovered well, she emerges from each episode a little more strange, and we have to face the fact that she can't be with us much longer.

Another is a dog, half Springer, born in May 1994. Her brother became ill, and had to be put down in December 2006. Badger (she has a black and white head!) has started to behave like an elderly lady, sleeping most of the day. Recently she had a day of total exhaustion, not eating, lying around panting. She recovered, but since then is frequently off her food. Maybe we'll lose her soon, too.

Thirdly, we have a large male cat who was born into the family over ten and a half years ago. Apart from a time, some years ago now, when we only saved him by force-feeding (did he eat something wrong? We don't know.) he's been fit and healthy. Suddenly he's stopped eating again. We don't know why. I've tried force-feeding again, but all he can stomach is glucose water and some dilute milk. Barring some feline miracle, it seems that we'll lose him first. I do hope not.