Friday, 12 March 2021

The Weekend in Black and White.


Tiny glass beads

3mm across and 2mm deep

(no, I can't do that in inches!)

For great black and white photos from around the world, please visit the links on the Home Page!


Tom said...

...and inches is all that I know!

Rob Siemann said...

0.11811 and 0.0787402. Basically: small. I would not be able to do anything with them.

kwarkito said...


Taken For Granted said...

These beads make a fine pattern.

Lachezar said...

Beautiful photograph of those small shiny beads!

Jutta.K. said...

Mini pearls really big!
A beautiful photo, I can even see these glass beads shining, very pretty.
Here again my contribution
I would like to say thank you again for the effort that you are making me with the linking.
I keep trying it myself, but unfortunately it never works.
Have a nice week.
best regards

Klara said...

now, I am curious what are you doing with them? :-) necklace?

magiceye said...

Cool capture.

rupam sarma said...

Loved the click

NatureFootstep said...

the black and white made me think it was nuts at first sight :) The beads are tiny :)